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OMC - Human resources development

Human resources development

Given the rapid development of the economy and industry, lifelong learning is more than just a phrase. Digitalization and automation entail new technological possibilities, which have significant effects on processes, structures and management principles in companies.

Globalisation as well as demographic and social developments make it necessary to facilitate and promote collaboration between different age groups, nationalities and sexes. All these changes mean that the development of professional and managerial staff in companies is becoming increasingly important.  

To provide employees at every hierarchical level with opportunities for professional and personal development is crucial considering the shortage of skilled workers - because those who see prospects for themselves in their existing company will not change jobs as quickly and continue contributing their know-how and commitment to the company. 

In this respect, personnel development constitutes a measure for employer branding and retention. 

We would like to support companies in the development of their employees and therefore offer various personnel development measures on the following topics. All these topics are available in groups of up to 8 participants. An individual adaptation of the topics tailored to the needs of your company is of course possible - as is the development of a multi-level executive development program.


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Leading and change management

  • Effective leading - Altitude in leading
  • Management styles
  • Change management
  • Empowerment - targeted employee development 
  • Motivation from group to team
  • Developing teams
  • Attentive and healthy leadership

Communication in Leading

  • Communication training: communicating effectively
  • Conducting (difficult) interviews
  • Persuasivenegotiation and conversation skills
  • Mastering killer phrases with confidence
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Constructive conflict behaviour


  • Time and self-management
  • Stress management training
  • Self-control