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OMC HR support in separation management

HR support in
separation management

Managing separation processes are the everyday of HR business partners in companies. Particularly in the case of major restructuring measures, HR managers are faced with particular challenges. We therefore support
you with consultation offers on the subject

Our goal is to enable HR managers as well as executives to set up separation management as an important process within the organisational development. Too often, the separation of employees and managers is still treated as taboo and not discussed openly. This results in management failures during separation processes with serious consequences: The motivation of the remaining employees is reduced and thus productivity as well, and in the worst case efficient employees leave the company. The employer's image and brand is damaged. We think that the mark of a good company is not in recruitment, but in the separation from employees.

We will advise you on how to optimise your separation process - either in individual consultations or workshops. Of course, we coach your employees at all hierarchical levels to strengthen them in the challenging restructuring phase.