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OMC communication consulting

Communication consulting

In the case of professional separation, it is very important, especially at high management levels, to develop a credible change history and to spread it on the appropriate channels. In certain sectors (media, communication, etc.), social media communication is part of our consulting programme.

On the basis of our many years of media experience, we will help you to develop an adequate separation story that is appropriate to your career, to agree with your employer, and to include the timetable and the essential communication channels in the cancellation contract.

Our communication consultation includes the following subjects:

  • Developing a change story
  • Timing of communication, if necessary, together with the employer: Who informs the target group on which channel at what time?
  • Target groups and channels for internal separation communication: works council, colleagues, employees, all staff
  • Target groups for external separation communication: customers, service providers, partners, etc.
  • Formulating the farewell speech, including for superiors if required
  • Formulating a press release and providing consultation for press distribution
  • Announcing the separation on social media

The scope of the consultation depends on your individual needs and is determined jointly in the information discussion.

Consultation can also take place online via video conference or by telephone. We are there for you personally - in whatever way.


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