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Management Audit

Management Audit

A management audit serves to systematically and uniformly determine the competencies and potential of managers. It is often used to determine the most suitable candidate for filling management positions from several internal or external applicants with the help of a neutral and independent second opinion.

At the beginning of an audit process, a competence profile is first formulated for the position to be filled. OMC will be pleased to be a competent contact partner for management or the personnel department and will support you in drawing up the requirement profile.



  • an extensive individual interview
  • a case study with presentation
  • a personality test (optional)
  • elaborate feedback to the candidates


The individual interview is usually conducted as a Behavioural Interview, with a focus on the practical operational experience of candidates. This interview technique is based on the assumption that behaviour as shown in the past is suitable for drawing conclusions about future behaviour and attitudes.

An advantage of the case study is that the candidate can prove himself in a specific given task - including a presentation. It is very informative for auditors and observers to experience the candidate in a real-life situation. The task is usually conceived from the real context of the company and, therefore, has great practical relevance.

In order to achieve valid results in a Management Audit, it is essential to use at least two of the above elements. We do not believe in merely conducting a long interview and then coming to an assessment of the candidate. Therefore, we supplement the interview either with a carefully prepared case study or with a selected personality test.

The aim of the management audit is to provide the auditor with a clear recommendation for a candidate. Of course, the final decision for or against a candidate always lies with the client.

The Management Audit is concluded with detailed and appreciative feedback to the candidates. This feedback gives the candidates the opportunity to develop their professional skills in a targeted manner. Thus, a management audit is also a contribution to employer branding for those candidates who do not get the desired position.



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