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OMC Berlin -  aptitude testing

Aptitude testing

As part of aptitude testing, we work with the client companies, depending on the objective and need for the content and the procedure: order clarification and sharpening prerequisites, constructing an assessment, implementing management audits, an assessment centre, or a potential analysis up to evaluation and possible follow-up.

Objectives and benefits

  • Standardised procedures and maximum comparability for appointing employees (internal/external)
  • Accurate comparison between job requirements and competency profile with the applicant's profile
  • Derivation of the strengths and development fields in the individual dimensions (experience background & skills)
  • Targeted PE recommendations for onboarding (incorporation in the probation period)
  • Strengthening the job requirements and competency profiles and strengthening the awareness of the quality of the selection of executives
  • Cost savings through the best possible selection of personnel because of objective criteria
Appointment arrangement

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