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OMC berlin business startups consulting

Business startups consulting

Have you always played with the idea of starting your own business? Do you want to check whether starting a business or taking over a company is right for you?

See with us if you are the right person for self-employment and prepare the next step of founding or acquiring a company with our support.

Our consulting services include the following building blocks:

1. Preparatory steps for starting a business

  • Is founding a business the right thing for me?
  • Which business ideas do I have?
  • Do self-employment and business ideas fit my personality?
  • How is the market and competitive situation?

2. Formalities for founding a business

  • Mandatory registrations: Registering with the tax office and trade office
  • Choosing the right legal form
  • Legal aspects: trademark protection, copyright, general terms and conditions, etc.

3. Planning capital requirements and the ability to raise capital

  • What are the financing needs of my project?
  • How can I raise these funds?
  • What are the obstacles?
  • Which support programmes can I use?
  • Preparing for meeting with the bank

4. Corporate costing and business plan

  • Setting up a profit and loss account, calculating the business profit
  • What are the components of a business plan?
  • How should a business plan for loan funds, funding bodies, and the Employment Agency be organised?
  • Creating a complete business plan

5. Preparing for a market presence


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