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Changing jobs in the probation period is not taboo
Careers 360° - Scenario 1: Finally, the employment contract is signed! Scenario 2: The employment contract is signed, you happily start your new job.
Making a new start when you're middle-aged: Manager searching for meaning
It was THE personnel message at the end of the year, not only in the media world: Kai Diekmann leaves the Axel Springer Group after 30 years.
Review of the 40th theme night
40th theme night at OMC - A review "Leading in a world of change" was the theme of the 40th OMC theme night.
A year as a businesswoman - a summary
OMC-inside - If after more than 25 years as a manager and CEO in different companies you take the step to self-employment, this ensures attention. Friends, family, acquaintances ... almost everyone…
What does separation culture have to do with employer branding?
Not only in the Bundesliga, but also in German companies, the average length of time spent by executives has steadily declined in the last few years. CEOs are on average in office for only three…