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OMC berlin individual outplacement for executives

Individual outplacement for executives

Individual outplacement is aimed at managers from middle or lower management, as well as qualified specialists or professionals, usually with academic training. Consultation is very individual, it caters to your personal situation and your desired target position. Depending on your needs and preferences, it can also be carried out as online consulting - we are active regardless of location.

It is important for us in this consultation process to first work out your individual motivators, values, and strength profile. This is how we develop your own personal brand and encourage you to live your professional identity and present your unique selling points to the job market.

Together with you, we develop a new professional target position - taking into account your qualifications, your personality, your professional development plans, and the respective job market situation.

On this basis, we develop meaningful application documents to the latest standards, develop the marketing strategy, and actively assist you in the marketing phase on the open and hidden job market. Depending on the position you are looking for, the paths to the goal are very different: We support you both in the search for open vacancies as well as in entering the hidden job market. We prepare you specifically for meetings with personnel consultants. You can benefit from our network of HR managers in companies and HR consultancies of all sectors and management levels, which has been developed over many years - not just in Berlin but throughout Germany through the Outplacement Group.

Here too, we offer the consultation with guaranteed success, i.e. unlimited until a new position is found, twelve-month onboarding coaching, and a return guarantee. On request, temporary individual outplacement consultations between 4 and 12 months are also available.


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