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OMC HR support in promoting transfer measures

Promoting transfer measures
according to § 110 SGB

In the sense of a transfer "from work to work", the Federal Agency for Employment promotes companies which provide their employees with consultations for vocational reorientation during dismissals. In order for these transfer measures to be eligible for funding under § 110 SGB III, there must be operation change as defined by § 111 WCA or downsizing according to § 17 KSchG. In addition, the following requirements must be met:

  • The measures make a meaningful contribution to the integration of employees into the job market
  • The implementation is carried out in the notice period of the employees concerned and ends by the time the employees leave the company
  • An external and accordingly certified company performs the measures

If these conditions are met, co-financing of the transfer measures of 50% of the costs can be made by the Employment Agency, but a maximum of €2,500 per employee.

Since 2012, the OMC has been certified by DEKRA and is thus entitled to carry out transfer measures according to § 110 SGB III.

We are very experienced in working with the employment agency in the implementation of transfer measures pursuant to § 110 SGB III and have carried out numerous projects of this type to the satisfaction of the customer, the participants, and the employment agency.

We are happy to advise you in advance of a transfer measure, explain the exact procedure, and implement the measure for you.

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