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Onboarding Coaching

After successfully recruiting new personnel, it is advisable for new employees to undergo a targeted induction and integration phase.

The following onboarding measures help new employees in building ties with the company early on, which can greatly reduce new-hire turnover. Moreover, a well-established onboarding process leads to increased employee motivation and faster integration, a sure recipe for faster workforce development.
Through our collaboration, we shall guide your company and your new employees (both executives and experts) in identifying key expectations (both professional and personal), as well as certain facets of the corporate culture; from this point, we shall accompany your new hires with their onboarding coaching for as long as required and mutually agreed.
It would be very much appreciated if you could consult with us before your new employee's arrival, so that we enjoy more time to prepare together.


Nowadays, running a successful onboarding process is paramount – particularly considering the increasingly shifting workplace:

  • Shortages of skilled workers
  • Employee retention vs. new-hire turnover
  • Direct/indirect hiring costs


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