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OMC HR support in separation communication for companies

Separation communication for companies

Communication of separations by companies is becoming increasingly important. The use of social media, in particular, spreads news quickly and uncontrollably fast. Even during the joint meeting when the separation is announced by the CEO or department head, the employees are tweeting and posting the news into the world. All internal communication is thus also published externally at the same time.

It is thus all the more important to fine-tune the separation communication with the person concerned and to determine the content, the communication channel, and the timing. Who spreads which message when to whom? After an often emotionally stressful separation procedure, the company often lacks time and sometimes awareness.

We support HR managers in the company when creating the communication concept, the selection of channels, and the corresponding implementation. From the personal farewell speech to the official press release - we offer individual communication consulting or also our workshop separation communication, which we like to carry out in-house according to your ideas.

In separation situations, clear and yet appreciative communication is crucial: on the one hand, the actual separation meeting, on the other hand the information for the remaining workforce, the customers, the service providers, and possibly also the other market participants. The higher the position of the person leaving, the more sensitive and accurate the communication should be - in order to avoid image damage for both the person leaving and the company.

Often, the separation meetings are seen by executives as emotionally burdensome and are delegated to the HR managers. For the general internal and external communication of the separation, often experience is missing as well as a feeling for the necessary dynamics in times of social media.

The OMC workshop offer closes these gaps about separation communication. All workshops are aimed at HR managers, HR officers, HR business partners, and managers at all levels of management.


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