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OMC group mobilisation consultation

Group mobilisation consultation

Group mobilisation consultations are often used as part of volunteer programmes for major restructuring, aimed at the entire workforce or employees in individual departments. The aim of these programmes is to motivate the employees to resign from the employment relationship with a termination agreement.

Group mobilisation consultation serves to provide employees with a realistic picture of their chances in the job market, thereby creating a solid basis for decisions. We rely on a combination of workshops and individual consultations here. In the group workshops, the employees receive basic knowledge on the subjects of CVs, application strategies, and self-presentation. In the individual consultations, the respective professional career is analysed and an awareness of their own performance and personal goals is created. On the basis of qualifications, strengths, and motivators potential career alternatives are identified and first application strategies are worked on.

Consultation is open-ended with regards to the outcomeand is also possible online or by telephone. The employee also has the option of opting for a termination contract.

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