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Potential analysis

Pontential analysis

As a company, you want to make sure that your employees have the required qualifications and skills, but also the necessary personal qualities and attitudes? With a professionally conducted potential analysis, we can support you in obtaining a comparable and as objective as possible picture of existing or new employees.
Ultimately, it is all about utilising each employee according to his or her abilities and motivation. The more suitable a candidate is for a position, the greater the probability that the company's goals will be achieved.



Potential analysis is useful, for example, to select applicants for management positions. Here, the potential analysis can ascertain whether internal and external candidates meet the necessary requirements.
In addition, potential analyses are also useful for employee advancement. In this context, the characteristics and abilities of an existing employee base or selected teams are examined. The aim of the potential analysis here is to create concrete individual profiles which can be utilised to determine particularly suitable activities and tasks for employees. This way, competencies are not left unrecognised, but can be used in a targeted manner.

Potential analyses are further applied when a new managing director wants to get an idea of his employees. Often, they do not have the opportunity to get to know everyone in detail and to assess their strengths and weaknesses in an everyday work environment.

With increasing frequency, employee development measures in companies are prepared by employing a potential analysis.
The results can, for example, show which junior managers should be included in the management development programme.  



In a potential analysis, we examine the characteristics of previously defined properties in a structured way. Primarily, the following five areas of competence are investigated:

  • Methodological competence
  • Social competence
  • Professional competence
  • Reflection competence
  • Adaptability competence

Principally, we select the instruments of the potential analysis in each case individually as they depend on the client's goal and orientation. The starting point is always a precise definition of a specific requirement profile against which the knowledge and skills of the employees are measured.

Based on this, various tools are employed, such as a personality test (MBTI, 16 PF, etc.), a structured interview, and, if necessary, a case study or exercises to compare your self-image with that of others.



The results of a potential analysis are of high interest to every participant. Those who approach the topic openly and in a constructive manner, will gain an interesting experience and learn a lot about themselves. The principle of our potential analyses is that the employees are given the opportunity for self-reflection and further development through an equally intensive and transparent evaluation. This gives every employee a great opportunity to work specifically on his or her professional personality.

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