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OMC frequently asked questions

What is outplacement?

Companies are constantly changing. In particular, digital transformation means massive changes in business models, processes, and jobs. As part of the necessary change management, employees from different management levels are therefore also released at any time in healthy companies.

Outplacement consultation offers executives, specialists, and skilled workers who lose their jobs assistance and support in vocational reorientation and repositioning. Consultation can continue until it is successful, i.e. until a new employment contract is signed or you have started a new business. This measure is often financed by the employer and established in social plans or termination contracts.

The aim of outplacement consultation is to process fears and stabilise the psyche in the first step, then define a realistic new professional goal on the basis of your individual skills, knowledge, motivators, and values - and to implement them actively. The candidates are supported in the application process and find a new job that fits them perfectly. Guaranteed success on request.