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OMC frequently asked questions

What is the benefit of
outplacement for companies?

It is important for companies to make separation processes as smooth and fast as possible. Outplacement consultation supports the person concerned, opens up new perspectives, and speeds up the new positioning.

Our approach is to start consultation as early as possible in order to make the transition to the new position as smooth as possible.

Outplacement consultation has the following benefits for the company:

  • Employer branding: Corporate social responsibility and appreciation has a positive effect on the employer image of the company
  • Employee retention: The remaining employees see the company as fair, they remain motivated and loyal. High performers remain in the company
  • PR benefits with customers, suppliers, service providers, competitors
  • Cost savings by avoiding costly dismissal and labour litigation and shorter length of service of the employees
  • Corporate social responsibility: The company's own claim to a value-oriented corporate culture is lived