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OMC frequently asked questions

Benefits of outplacement
for employees

The aim of all outplacement consultation is to intercept and stabilise those affected by the termination, to present new perspectives, and to assist them in new positioning in their dream job.

An outplacement consultation provides the following specific benefits:

  • You process the separation faster due to our experienced and empathetic assistance
  • You get to personally know yourself better and can assess and present your strengths, experience, and knowledge
  • You analyse your own benefits for the job market and develop a new career goal
  • In particular, after a long-standing working relationship you lack sufficient knowledge of current application processes. We are instrumental in helping draft relevant and up-to-date application documents
  • We work out the application strategy with you and help you achieve a faster job application in the open or hidden job market
  • You learn how to properly present yourself on the job market - in social media, on the phone, and in person
  • You use both our contacts with companies and staff consultants as well as those of the Outplacement Group (nationwide) and thus gain access to a network that is otherwise not available to you
  • Your consultation reduces the risk of unemployment and loss of expertise
  • With a permanent individual outplacement, you receive a guaranty consultation for the new employment contract with a one-year coaching phase in the new job and a return guarantee in the case of termination in the trial period

We give you security in two ways:
You receive a competent professional consultation at the highest level and at the same time very personal guidance from an empathetic and professional coach, who guides you through problematic application phases and is guaranteed to find a new position for you.