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Claudia Michalski

| Graduate economist, principal shareholder and CEO of OMC

OMC Claudia Michalski Geschäfstfüherin
Experienced manager with heart and intelligence, who likes to pass on her confidence to others. Motto: You can do anything you really want.



Trained as a publishing executive and graduate economist, Claudia worked for 25 years as a media manager, including over 12 years as CEO of two well-known media companies (Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt, Beuth Verlag). Here in particular, she drove forward the digital transformation and the associated change management.

In this context she realised that advising managers in change situations was her real calling, which she has since consistently pursued. Prepared by training as a systemic business coach, Claudia took the plunge into self-employment and at the beginning of 2016 took over the management of OMC GmbH as the majority shareholder.



Strategy and management consulting, outplacement consulting, perspective consulting, executive coaching, consulting of directors, executives at C level, owners of SMEs.

Expertise in change management and digital transformation. High media and communication skills. Expert on separation communication. Systemic business coach. NLP Master. 16PF® certificate.



Robustly high energy levels. A skilled networker who finds it easy to deal with people and has a strong presence. Good with people, down to earth and humorous. Always confident. Value-oriented, with the aim of making the world a little better.

Also offers consulting in English.


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