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OMC events - review of the 40th theme night

40th theme night at OMC - A review

"Leading in a world of change" was the theme of the 40th OMC theme night. On the basis of a very stimulating inspirational speech by Ms Felicitas von Kyaw (Vice President HR at Vattenfall), a lively discussion arose, which was continued at a later hour over a glass of wine.

The essential questions of the evening:

  • What traps in change management should be avoided as a manager?
  • How can all levels be involved in the change process?
  • How do managers deal with the change process themselves?


The discussion showed that it is first of all important for managers in change processes to pay attention to themselves, in order not to be completely exhausted in the tense area of the different interests, despite personal perplexity. The point of participation was, of course, essential: With which methods, can all stakeholders be carried along and appropriately involved?

Finally, the intercultural comparison between, for example, Scandinavia continental Europeans was also concerned with the changes to the appropriate balance between pragmatism and planning.

The conclusion of the evening: flexibility and a pinch of "cheerful obsession" facilitate change processes. A plea for ease and an open mind.


Felicitas von Kyaw and OMC CEO Claudia Michalski

Felicitas von Kyaw
OMC discussion
OMC 40th theme night
OMC 40th theme night
OMC 40th theme night - Felicitas von Kyaw