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Zeit- und Selbstmanagement

Time and self-management

The training focuses on the prioritisation and efficient management of numerous competing tasks. The participant receives tips on which tools can be useful in order to keep track.
Time management is good when we tackle more important things and leave out unimportant ones. It should bundle our strengths, reduce stress, provide valuable time at a stretch and help to achieve goals.



  • Which challenges of self- and time management do I experience in everyday life?
  • What are my time eaters?
  • What does this have to do with me? What can I influence concretely?
  • What strategies and techniques are there?



Reflection and practical exercises of self- and time management tools: daily and weekly monthly plan, formulation of objectives SMART, ALPEN method, Pareto principle, The Eisenhower principle,



  • recognizing your own time wasters and starting points for optimization
  • dealing with disorders



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