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Stress management training based on the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM®)

In this stress management training based on the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM®), participants work on their individual inner attitudes concerning their stress issues.
Based on current findings in neuropsychology and motivation research, they formulate an individual posture goal, which they test and further develop in a multi-stage process in small groups using various methods.


The participants goal is it to identify a goal and resources for themselves that support them in transferring their goal into everyday life. In addition, we deal with concrete stress situations, e.g. in order to develop individual if-then plans and to identify possible actions for difficult stress situations. The training also prepares you to identify stress warning signals in everyday life and to react accordingly.



  • theoretical part of the ZRM®: Rubicon process, Somatic marker - making better decisions, affect balance
  • practical part: Development of a motto goal. Developing a basket of ideas, anchoring the motto goal in everyday life, If - Then - Developing plans



  • identifying resources
  • identifying options for actions in difficult stress situations
  • identifying stress signals in everyday life and reacting accordingly



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