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Killerphrasen souverän meistern

 Mastering killer phrases with confidence

This training enables managers to recognize killer phrases, to meet them confidently and to use them only consciously and purposefully in communication. Almost everyone knows killer phrases, which force us suddenly into the justification and let our sovereignty in discussions sway.
Unfortunately, we often only recognize killer phrases when we analyze failed conversations.
"Had I said ..." or "Had I remembered ..." are no longer useful.
To recognize killer phrases immediately on the basis of the own reactions and to reject them is what
you will learn in this training.



  • What are classic killer phrases?
  • How do I adequately deal with killer phrases?
  • get to know and practice situational reactions
  • demonstrate confident and appropriate behavior



Demonstration, individual and group work, processing of case studies



  • recognize and counter classic killer phrases
  • demonstrate confident and appropriate behavior



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