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Umgang mit Konflikten

Dealing with conflicts

This training deals with the conflict behaviour of the participants and sharpens the view for conducive behaviour in the conflict.
Conflicts - especially if they last longer - become a psychological burden for many people and can have far-reaching consequences: psychological, physiological, motivational and performance-related. Conflicts, which are not clarified and worked on, cause quite also costs, therefore a good conflict authority is an important tool for high-level personnel.
The aim of this training is to bring managers into contact with their conflict behaviour, to make them aware of possible - alternative and conducive - behaviour patterns and to develop an idea of how these can be quickly accessed in the next case of conflict.

  • What is a conflict?
  • The conflict compass: Helpful and obstructive behaviour in the conflict
  • effects of conflicts - escalation model according to Glasl
  • your own conflict behaviour
  • using the Harvard concept in practice
  • principles of mediation



Individual and group work, reflection and practical exercises, processing of case studies



  • sharpened awareness of hindering/promoting behaviour patterns in the conflict
  • identification of own learning topics, development of first - smaller - change steps
  • better understanding of conflicts in your own team



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