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Durch Motivation von der Gruppe zum Team

Motivation from the group to the team

In this training, managers gain insight into work styles and their motivators, which can determine social and work behaviour.
Whether people work together as a team depends largely on the group dynamic processes between their members. The aim of this training is to be able to better understand oneself and others. They receive an introduction to the various team roles and their significance for the overall result.



  • types of employee motivation and their impact on the team
  • to recognize one's own working style and the working style of one's counterpart
  • recognize motivators and communication styles and use them professionally
  • role and communication behaviour in everyday professional life
  • team development and team roles: from group to team



Demonstration, individual and group work, processing of case studies

  • recognizing and using work styles and their motivators
  • using roles and relationships for team success
  • form teams from groups



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