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Management styles

This training encourages executives in finding the own authentic management style between task and employee orientation.
Developing ones own management style and working at the optimisation, is a lifelong task for executives. You can only develop credibility and efficiency, if authenticity in leadership is protected. In daily work routine there is no time to become aware about ones own efficiency and methodology as an executive.
The aim of this seminar is to develop an awareness of one's own leadership strengths, to test one's own leadership behaviour and to align it with modern leadership styles. A special focus is on "agile leadership", which is particularly important in times of change and requires special skills.


  • importance of leadership styles for the motivation of employees
  • introduction to different leadership styles
  • agile Leadership in change
  • the 5 dimensions of authentic leadership
  • self-reflection: What leadership style do I apply?
  • How do I find my own leadership style?



Demonstration, individual and group work, processing of case studies


  • knowledge of different leadership styles and their application
  • knowledge of different leadership styles and their situational application in consideration of one's own personality
  • recognizing and developing one's own authentic leadership style



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