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Empowerment - Mitarbeiter gezielt fördern

Empowerment - targeted employee development 

This training supports managers to recognize potentials and to support employees in a targeted way.
As a manager, you are only as good as your employees. Their motivation is decisive for the success of your team, your department and your company. In order to fully exploit the potential of your employees, it is important to know and develop the existing skills. Empowerment is also an instrument of organisational development: the more employees are involved in decisions, the more self-determined and responsible they can act, the more innovative and motivated they are in using their abilities. At the same time, the manager gains freedom for innovation and conceptual work through clear delegation.
The aim of this training is to enable you as a manager to develop a development-oriented style of leadership, giving you room to manoeuvre and strengthening employee motivation.



  • How does empowerment work and what are the effects?
  • framework conditions for successful empowerment
  • new leadership role: from boss to coach
  • evaluate the skills of employees and avoid overstraining them
  • leadership through trust - delegation of responsibility



Demonstration, individual and group work, processing of case studies



  • enabling managers to recognize the potential of their employees
  • application of delegation principles
  • creation of own free spaces for executives
  • strengthening the personal responsibility of employees



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