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Teams entwickeln

Developing teams

In this training, managers recognize which factors are essential for functioning teamwork.

Teams and their members should be agile, responsible, cooperative and above all successful working together. But even small factors can put a spanner in the works and can severely disrupt cooperation. How we design responsibilities, processes, but also norms and values for all team members in a comprehensible way will ultimately decide whether the team can profitably integrate the strengths of each individual.


  • building and designing teams
  •  GRPI model
  • comfort zone model
  • create collaboration
  • conducting meetings constructively and result-oriented
  • influence of corporate culture
  • role model - The Importance of the Role Model Function



Theory, discussion, reflection



  • define common team goals
  • recognizing the importance of roles, processes and relationships for team success
  • maintaining team spirit in the long term



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