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Constructive conflict behaviour

Conflicts are part of everyday professional life yet dealing with them is very challenging for many people. Through the online test procedure CDP™ Conflict Dynamics Profile and a confidential evaluation in private, you will get an overview of the relevant conflict parameters and your own conflict behavior. In this way, personal behaviour patterns in conflict situations can be examined and questioned and, if necessary, more helpful ones can be derived and deepened. The aim is to gain clarity about constructive and destructive behaviour in conflict as well as one's own characteristics and to sharpen awareness for constructive behaviour in conflict situations.

Conflict Dynamics Profile™ (CDP™) is an efficient method that promotes a more efficient handling of conflicts based on evaluated scientific findings.

Background to Conflict Dynamics Profile® (CDP®)

  • Developed in the mid-90s at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg (Florida, USA) by well-known psychologists and social scientists as a classic test procedure. The test is based on many years of scientific research with solid values for validity and reliability and is currently in its 4th phase of further development.
  • No result stands for good/bad or right/wrong, but only for an expression that is to be considered and evaluated in the individual context and allows predictions to be made about future behaviour.
  • Areas of application include leadership, recruiting, personality development, coaching, etc.


  • Completion of an online test
  • Individual and confidential evaluation discussion of approx. 1.5 - 2 hours



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