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Effective leading – Attitude in leading „action follows attitude“

This training supports the executives with their development of an attitude which is on the one hand obligated to the business goals and on the other hand values colleagues while at the same time method competence is strengthened. The focus lays on the reflection of ones own management behaviour – in changing groups also on networking with each other.

A central task of executives is to activate the employees available potentials like motivation, responsibility and enthusiasm. The reality is frequently quite different, because how people lead is to a large extent linked to their conscious and unconscious experiences, values, doctrines, attitudes and individual human image. Assessments, interpretations but also a lack of task and role clarity often lead to irritations which need to be reduced or totally prevented. This refelction process is accompanied by sharing and strengthening fundamental methods for the daily management routine.

Goal is it to question the own leadership competence through self reflection and the conscious approach with assessments and interpretations and perform it with more awareness.



  • Self reflection and self leading: expected value, motive structure, responsibility
  • Role awareness, clarification of roles, role dilemma
  • Selective perception
  • The four sides of a message
  • Active listening, applying nonverbal communication consciously
  • Giving and accepting feedback
  • Set up a personal goal agreement



individual and group work, working on case examples, reflection and discussion, communication square of Schulz von Thun, Circle of Influence, active listening, team grid, feedback, transaction analyse, refraiming, perspective change, training tools (self-awareness)



  • Strengthened leadership reflection (leadership is self leadership,too)
  • Conscious and respectful contact with differences
  • Basics of leadership communication



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